FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1What is INFOWEB ?
INFOWEB is the digital database of INFOBIS
2How a company can subscribe to INFOWEB ?
Please contact us to obtain the username and password specialized for you if your company is already among our customers
3Which countries reports are provided by INFOBIS?
INFOBIS mainly provides commercial reports of Turkey and TRN Cyprus.
4How many types of reports does INFOBIS serve?
INFOBIS serves three types of reports named as; Normal, Express and Superflash
5What are the delivery times of the reports ?
Normal 5 Weekdays
Express 3 Weekdays
Superflash 24 Hours
6Can INFOBIS provide reports with any other special type/ delivery time / content if it is requested ?
INFOBIS can enlarge its services as possible as its system allows to meet its customers demands.