Dealership Business Credit Reports

If you want to be sure that they will pay their debts to you in your business activities with your dealers, you should know them very well. The dealership credit risk reports prepared by Infobis make a great contribution to you in this regard. Not only will outstanding debts weaken you financially, but decisions not to sell based on poorly researched, incomplete, or outdated information will equally harm your company.

Dealership companies need financial data in certain periods about the value their dealers add to their brands. İnfobis has been serving since 1988 for Dealership Information Reports showing the financial and general situation. You can also contact us to monitor the financial and general status of your dealers in certain periods. In addition, you will have the chance to make the right decision with the dealer information reports made about not only your current dealers but also your dealer candidates.

Having a trusted partner can improve financial trust, make the process go faster, and save you time/Money between you and your dealers.

As Infobis, we help you simplify this process by quickly collecting the financial information you need. Our reports provide deep insights into your dealers' credit risk situations to provide you with important information. The entire report is delivered to you on the credit risk status of your dealers at any time, via our integrated API service.

You can contact us for more information about our up-to-date/impartial reports prepared about dealers and/or dealer candidates of dealership companies in Turkey.

What advantages do companies gain with the reports we provide in supplier and dealer risk management?

The number of dealers is increasing in line with the growth targets of distributors and production-oriented companies operating in the dealer sales model in the market, and the financial management quality of dealers directly affects the working conditions and profitability of distributors and manufacturers.

İnfobis has in-depth insight and experience in the commercial information reports needed about the status of the dealers. With the reports presented by Infobis, companies can determine the credit risk, determine the credit limits, extend, or shorten the credit period, adjust the amount of products to be sent during the order and sale, and revise their own growth targets with this data.

What kind of business model do we offer to companies operating in a competitive market and having a wide dealer network?

Dealership structuring continues with distributors in the international arena and as dealerships in relatively smaller sizes within the country. Some of the dealership companies provide financial support to their dealers' customers. It is aimed to increase sales with loan and leasing support, which is seen more intensely in the automotive and white goods sectors. In these sales, the main firm assumes the credit risk. At this stage, it reveals the necessity of regulating credit risks according to dealers and regions.

While dealers are trying to sell without considering customer risks to increase their sales and turnover, strong tools are required in order to manage the emerging financial risk. With the solutions it has developed at this stage, its experienced staff and knowledge, Infobis provides detailed dealership reporting services for companies and dealership structuring.

With these reports, a holistic data visibility is obtained, and the risk is minimized. With the Monitoring service we have developed for the continuous reporting of financial risk, our customers can receive monthly, quarterly, 6-monthly, and 1-year credit risk reporting services.

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