Credit risk management plays a vital role in the business operations of companies. As transaction volume grows and its scope of operation expands, organizations are under pressure to make faster and better credit decisions. The traditional credit review process is complex and slow; often requires multiple exchanges with external systems for approvals, excel formulas/macros and interactions with multiple stakeholders. This process can cause unnecessary and costly delays. You can access up-to-date, secure, understandable, and clear data with the Monitoring services developed by İnfobis.

- Any change in the status of a company with which you cooperate or have an interest may affect the security of your general assets. Therefore, these changes should be detected as soon as possible.

- With our monitoring service, we offer you a continuous and up-to-date reporting method.

- With this method, which helps you monitor the status of your potential/existing customers, you can protect your company from risks by creating the necessary credit policies.

With this service, you will be informed about all the important changes and developments in the structures of the companies at the periods you determine.

Our monitoring service content options;

- Commercial Information Detailed Credit Report (Monitoring over all report content)

- Trade Information Registry Report (monitoring over registry information)

- Customer Specific Reporting (monitoring on the information to be determined by the customer)

Although our monitoring periods are usually monthly/3 monthly/6 monthly and yearly, customer-specific periods can also be determined.

When it comes to your company's creditworthiness and risk, we are at your side with our intelligence products ranging from specially developed information reports to Monitoring services. Do you want to constantly monitor the status of your customers and prospects? Our special applications and experienced staff will notify you of the reports you need and the important changes that occur in your customers within the periods we determine.

Experienced employees of Infobis provide continuous checks and audits on your behalf so that you are aware of the status of your existing customers. When there is a change in the data of your customers, it notifies you in the fastest way. With this report, you can allow or hold new orders to be received, or to invoice and send old orders. The service is on us, the choice is yours.

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