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Grow Your Business with Confidence

With the business credit reports prepared by Infobis, you will know the companies you should and should not cooperate with and access all the basic information about these companies.

Domestic Business Credit Reports

Domestic Business Credit Reports

International Business Credit Reports

International Business Credit Reports

Dealership Business Credit Reports


Infobis Company Monitoring Services


Value-added Business Model

INFOBIS is a member of FEBIS (Federation of Business Information Service) which is glad to be business partner with a reachable and continuous service to meet its customers’ needs

Use technology effectively

With the Infobis API service, you can easily integrate our data into your system.

See the risk in advance

View company risk maps and access information that will enable you to make clear decisions about potential customers and suppliers.

Receive professional consulting service

İnfobis provides professional consultancy services to eliminate the risks you experience in payments.

Make your decisions with confidence

Infobis is by your side with reliable business information and solvency control services to you can make safe decisions.


1What is INFOWEB ?
INFOWEB is the digital database of INFOBIS
2How a company can subscribe to INFOWEB ?
Please contact us to obtain the username and password specialized for you if your company is already among our customers
3Which countries reports are provided by INFOBIS?
INFOBIS mainly provides commercial reports of Turkey and TRN Cyprus.
4How many types of reports does INFOBIS serve?
INFOBIS serves three types of reports named as; Normal, Express and Superflash





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