Debt Collection

Tracking overdue payments is a company activity that takes time and process. It takes the focus of the employees and the company away from the workflow processes, and it can also cause loss of productivity. However, you can focus your attention back on your business by using a professional debt collection company that specializes in dealing with late paying and underpaying clients. INBOBIS will assist you with its experienced staff in collecting your overdue receivables from Turkey and international companies. We work with our specially selected business partners based on "no collection, no commission fee". This will allow you to collect your receivables with low costs.

You also get legal protection when you work with a collection agency. The last thing you want is to face legal action for the way you collect the debt. A reputable collection agent knows the rules and regulations. The collection success rate of an accredited and highly rated collection agency tends to be higher than if you try to collect the debt yourself.

The biggest benefit of working with INFOBIS on debt collection is that you don't have to chase customers or worry about being sued if your collection tactics are too aggressive. You can contact us for our service details.

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